Esther 2:9, Question 1. Why does the verse stress that Heigai hurried to bring Esther her cosmetics?

ט וַתִּיטַב הַנַּעֲרָה בְעֵינָיו וַתִּשָּׂא חֶסֶד לְפָנָיו וַיְבַהֵל אֶתתַּמְרוּקֶיהָ וְאֶתמָנוֹתֶהָ לָתֵת לָהּ וְאֵת שֶׁבַע הַנְּעָרוֹת הָרְאֻיוֹת לָתֶתלָהּ מִבֵּית הַמֶּלֶךְ וַיְשַׁנֶּהָ וְאֶתנַעֲרוֹתֶיהָ לְטוֹב בֵּית הַנָּשִׁים

9. And the young woman was good in his eyes and performed kindness before him, and he hurried to prepare her cosmetics and her portions and to give her seven maidservants fitting to give her from the house of the king, and he changed for her and her maidservants to the good of the house of women.

Both the Malbim and Rav Dovid Feinstein remark that Heigai hurried to bring Esther her cosmetics because he was sure that she would be chosen as queen. He saw from her appearance and her behavior that she was exactly what the king wanted. He therefore attempted to ingratiate himself with her to get in the good graces of the future queen.


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