Esther 2:23, Question 2. Why are Bigsan and Seresh seemingly hanged on one tree?

  • The Ibn Ezra says that the phraseology simply means that each of the two was hanged.
  • On the other hand, as class attendant LM noted, the verse’s phrase “on the tree” would imply their being on top of the killing device, and impaling would require a wooden spike on the ground onto which the victim is thrust. This would lend credence to the Yad HaMelech’s opinion that the hanging of Bigsan and Seresh is described in the singular because they were first impaled, and then hanged, thereby being on the tree (from which the spike is made).
  • The Maharal writes that the hanging is written in the singular to foreshadow the hanging of Haman, which was also performed “on” a tree (see 7:10 below).

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