Esther 3:13, Question 3. Why does the verse emphasize that the Jews are to be killed in one day?

  • The Malbim writes that the verse emphasizes that the Jews were to be killed in one day to make sure the Jews would not be able to escape.
  • The Shema Shlomo writes about a Plan B for Haman. Haman considered that, if the Jews should somehow wiggle out of his plans, at the very least, they should only have one day to celebrate.
  • R’ Hanoch Leibowitz points out that the Torah has laws regarding not killing a mother animal and her child on the same day (Vayikra 22:28). These laws are meant to teach us mercy and concern for others. The reason Haman is considered thoroughly wicked is because he had none of this mercy – he had no qualms with killing mother and child on the same day.

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