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Rabbi Eddie (Nachum) Rosenberg is originally from Moscow, USSR and moved to San Diego with his brother and parents when he was six years old. After becoming a Baal Teshuva when he was seventeen, Eddie spent a year learning in Ohr Somayach-Monsey before finishing college. He earned his Master’s degree in English literature after publishing a thesis on the use of humor in the writings of Charles Dickens. He has taught at San Diego State University, public high schools, and private Jewish schools. Eddie is currently working in kashrus with Thumbs Up Kosher, among other certifying agencies. On Sunday mornings, he ran a weekly class on Megillat Esther at Young Israel of San Diego, the result of which is being written down in this blog and in an as-yet unpublished book. He has written one screenplay ( and is working on another. Eddie privately tutors people of all ages in Hebrew and basic Judaism, has earned his Yoreh Yoreh Semicha through the Pirchei Shoshanim Semicha Program, and lives in San Diego with his amazing wife and children.

10 responses to “My Bio

  1. Hi there, quick question. Is there any chance you have a source sheet for the question about Esther asking for her life first (7:3). I can’t seem to find the sources for them. Many thanks!

  2. You referenced in a article shiurim by Rav Avraham Chain Feuer, on hair covering- “A canopy of Brachah.” I’ve been trying to get a hold of those shiurim. Do you know where I can get them?

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