Esther 6:10, Question 2. Why does Achashverosh emphasize that Mordechai is a Yehudi?

  • According to the Alshich, there is an implied conversation between Haman and Achashverosh here. After Achashverosh tells Haman to honor Mordechai, Haman responds that Achashverosh should not desire to honor a Jew since Haman had acquired all of the Jews (see Esther 3:11), including Mordechai, to which Achashverosh responds that Mordechai is different since he “sits at the gate” – he is an adviser to the king, so he can be honored.
  • Answering this question, as well as the next, the Me’am Loez writes that Haman was implying that Mordechai was one to whom Achashverosh owes a debt – and no more.