Esther 5:8, Question 4. Why does Esther say the next party will be “according to the word of the king?”

  • According to the Malbim, by saying the next party will be “according to the word of the king,” Esther was implying that her only motivation in making a request of the king is that the king, himself, asked her to do so in the previous verses. 
  • R’ Elisha Galico says Esther was stroking the king’s ego by implying that only Achashverosh could give Esther what she wanted.
  • Rashi writes that Esther was suggesting that she was going to finally acquiesce in revealing the secret of her ancestry, which Achashverosh has been asking her for years (see Esther 2:10).

Esther 5:5, Question 2. Why does Achashverosh specify that his attendance is from Esther’s command?

  • R’ Elisha Galico and the Malbim explain that Achashverosh specified Haman’s attendance was mandatory. This slapped Haman’s pride, which was one of Esther’s intentions.
  • The Dena Pishra writes that although Esther commanded his being there, Haman went for his own reasons – pride and bragging rights.