Esther 4:7, Question 3. Why does the verse emphasize that Haman promised money to the treasuries?

  • Rav Hirsch (Collected Writings, Volume II, 404) writes that Mordechai mentions that Haman promised money to the treasuries to emphasize to Esther that, even though Achashverosh refused Haman’s bribe, Achashverosh still had a low character. This is clear from the very fact that Haman felt comfortable enough to even make such an offer, expecting Achashverosh to take it.
  • On the level of drush, hint, R’ Avraham of Slonim notes that this verse alludes to the idea that each and every Jew is treasured before their Creator. He derives this hint from the fact that following the words “ginzei hamelech,” (“the king’s treasuries”), is the word “Yehudim.” In other words, the most precious object in the treasuries of the King of kings are the Yehudim.